Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's a girl!!!

In case you hadn't heard we are adding another little lady to our family! We are so excited about having another little girl and Mavis seems to really be getting excited too! She says that she is no longer "baby girl," which is what we call her most of the time- now she is to be called "big sister!" Yesterday the ladies at Starbucks offered her a free holiday bear to take home and she asked for a second one for her baby sister. So sweet. And what will baby sister's name be, you ask???

She will be named Camille!
No middle name yet, but we'll keep you posted. We've been fortunate to have 2 ultrasounds already and another one in four weeks. Not because there is something wrong, but just because they can't get a good look at everything. So, we have been able to check the sex twice and confirmed that she is, in fact, a girl:) Thanks for all your prayers and for checking in on the Sumner family. More news to come soon on a middle name!

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Heather O'Dell said...

Yea for baby girls! Love love love her name!