Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Mavis is so fun at this age. She is really developing her sense of humor and loves making Mommy and Daddy laugh. She talks so much these days that we have full blown conversations all the time! It is funny, though, what she comes up with to talk about. Here are a few funny words and phrases that she is using all the time:

"look, mommy....leebes"-she says when she spots some really pretty fall leaves
"mommy, I watches Dora?"- that's what we hear right when she gets out of bed.
"Mommy, Daddy and Mavis snuggle on da couch"-this girl loves to snuggle with us! so precious.
"Nandy and Mavis, hold'n hand in the park"-this girl is in love with our close friend, Andy. At night she asks to pray for him before bed. Today he took our family pictures and she said she wanted to hold hands with him in the park. Can this really be her first crush??
"Wooooowww" She is so animated. Everything is wow, cool or pretty.
"bitty bitty"- her daddy uses the phrase itty bitty a lot, and she repeats it when talking about anything small in size

she is so excited about the new baby. I don't think she really gets the idea of being a sister at all, but babies she understands. She is so motherly. Our days revolve around taking care of her babies (baby lion, baby duck, baby sheep, etc.) feeding them, diapering them, rocking name it. When she sees my tummy she says, " Awww, a baby in tummy. Aww, soft." she says while petting my tummy. Today she said, " baby in da tummy, go kiss."

Finally, precious moment of the day...we were headed upstairs for naptime. She always puts her head on my shoulder before going to bed. She then put her little hand to my cheek and said, "sweet sweet mommy." Are you kidding me? can being a mom be any better??

Family Fall pictures coming soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had one cute Minnie Mouse around here on Halloween. We had a great weekend. Aunt Tee, Uncle Joe, and Zoey invited us to their trunk-or-treat on Friday night. We had a blast! It was a little rainy, but that didn't slow these girls down! I don't have too many pictures from the night because it was so cold and we were chasing a little one around among all the other trunk-or-treaters! Most of the pics are from Mave getting dressed for her big night. Mamy was here to help us get dressed. We went to a friends neighborhood that isn't quite as hilly and had a blast! Check out picture #1...Mavis wore here daddy's Mickey Mouse ears from when he was little. They have his name embroidered in the back:) What a great momma she is! We are thankful to have heirlooms like this!