Monday, March 23, 2009

New Cut Now What

Hello friends and family. I decided to start a blog with some styling secrets. So many of my friends have trouble styling once they leave the salon. Hopefully these daily tips will help! It's very new, but be sure and check out my first entries. There are how-to videos coming soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

cutie pa-tootie

Little Miss at a shower I gave a friend last week. She was enjoying the buffet table just like the rest of us:)

Taken by a great friend and photographer, Andy Brophy-check out his stuff at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Dolittle

We went to the zoo this Monday for the first time! Mavis had a great time! She loved all the animals, especially the ones she could touch in the petting zoo. She has always loved animals and she definitely showed no fear at the zoo. She wanted to pet all of them, even the ones behind the fence! Her only frustration was that we would not move the glass so she could get to the Rhino:) Here are the pics-beware, there are a lot!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Enjoying the Weather

Mavis and Zoey had a great time playing outside the other day. They were busily pushing their strollers in the cul de sac. We are ready for spring!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Messy Mave!

So, tonight Mavis and I had a little girl fun. We went and had a hamburger at Five Guys (well, I did, she had her food-carrots, mac n cheese, yogurt-you get the idea:) Afterwards we walked through down town Suwanne and the topped it off with a little ice cream. I let her have a little sample cup full of chocolate. Well, here is what she looked like after scooping the ice cream up with her little fingers and sucking them dry! She was loving it, and sad to be "all done." She was one messy girl!

Swirl, Tap, Buff

So, if there are any Bare Mineral users out there, you can see that I have trained my girl well. Yes, that's right, we are already wanting to put on make up! Check out the poses after she put on her make up! Classic!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My First Snow Day!

This week Atlanta got about 2" of snow! Mave didn't know what to think. She didn't mind crunching it under her feet, but she wasn't interested in touching it with her hands:)

baby foot prints:)

our eclectic snow outfit...we figured out we were not prepared for snow!

Dress Up!

I am so excited for this new stage in Mave's's one reason why I am so thankful to have a little girl-DRESS UP! The other morning I was getting ready for church and told Mavis to play in her room while Momma got dressed. I didn't know she would be getting dressed too! We have aquired some play clothes already and Mavis loves playing with them. I often find her putting on hats, scarfs, and bracelets!

Peek A Boo

Silly girl!

"These are my MOMMA'S shoes"

Mavis loves wearing my shoes. She is already into fashion:) Most mornings you can find her hunting a pair of my shoes and bee-boppin' around the house! I love having a girl!

Making her rounds around the couch...struttin' her stuff!

Fun with bubbles!

Mavis loves playing in the tub. Jake has taught her how to make a beard with bubbles and to blow the bubbles across the tub. She has a blast. Check her out...

watching Daddy blow his bubbles...his go alot farther than mine!

it's so fun!

trying to make my own beard...daddy comes to help...