Monday, November 17, 2008

15 months old!!

Hello family and friends. Just wanted to give you all an update on little Miss Mavis. She turned 15 months old on Saturday and we just can't believe it! She is beautiful and we are just loving this stage of her life. She is walking, talking and keeping us on our toes! She will pretty much repeat anything you ask of her. Her new words this week are "breakfast" and "waffles." She is getting so big. Her new favorite thing is to play on the indoor playground at our mall. She loves it because there are so many other children exactly her age. She has learned how to climb up the ladder to the slide and go down on her tummy. Jake often has to referee because she hasn't quite gotten the hang of letting the other kids have their turn. We are working on it:) She is so cute in her fall clothes and jackets. I love to see her all bundled up with just her rosy cheeks peeking out above her clothes! So cute. And her pigtails get longer everyday! Check back for more news on our girl!

a new pic is coming soon...