Monday, September 22, 2008 rides!

This summer Mavis spent a lot of time on the road. I took some silly pics of us during one of the trips. I am sure you all can relate to this sequence of events! There is always a small melt down after a few hours in the car! We are thankful that most of the time she is great in the car!

fun with aunt liv!!

more beach days

Here is pics from our trip with the staff from church. We had a blast. Mostly Jake enjoyed getting Mavis in the water. Though, everytime she played with Daddy in the pool or ocean, she always came back with water in her eyes:) They have too much fun for a little girl!

We were able to go home a few times this summer and here are some pics from a dinner on the waterway. It is so wonderful in Wilmington and we were thankful to be spending some time with family!

finally...a blog!

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in blogs. It was a busy summer, followed by an unexpected surgery, a very sick baby, and the start of another jam packed school year. Everyone is well and doing great. So, I finally am having a chance to get some pictures out to you all. These will be some slideshows of pics from this summer, Mavis' first birthday party, and a few others. Hope you enjoy. Miss Mavis is doing great. She is talking some...mama, dada, dog, duck, more and a few other silly things. She is learning her body parts...nose, eeeyyyee, mouth, and of course...belly button, her favorite. She is starting to do animal sounds now, mainly "ruff" for the dog. She absolutely loves Honey, our boxer. I promise to be better about keeping you all updated. Thanks for checking in on us!!