Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mave at 21 months!

Little Mavis is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch! She is looking more and more like her daddy, but has the drama of her mama:) She is hilarious! She is talking up a storm, sometimes a conversation to herself and sometimes full ones with us! It's amazing how much her vocabulary has taken off. She knows lots of colors, but "lellow" is her favorite. Purple and blue come in at a close second. She likes to count using her fingers, holding up a one, then two fingers. three is still hard, its pretty much is her whole hand. She gets a "A" for effort! She loves being outside, whether on the playground or in the pool. Right now we are playing with bubbles daily! She loves them. Her favorite toys are mommy's purse, mommy's make-up, her baby, and anything Dora...especially Dora books. We take regular trips to the Library and she picks out new books everytime. She loves to be read to, and occasionally reads to mommy. It's sounds like gibberish, but it's sooo cute and she is so proud. We can't wait to see how she grows more this summer. She is in her first wedding! I know she will do great! She'll be 2 soon, I can't believe. I am soaking up all the "baby" left in her while I can!

The Lake

We were able to escape to Gran and Grandaddy's lake house for Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun relaxing and hanging out. The rain kept us indoors most of the time, but we were able to get a few boat rides in between showers. This is quickly becoming one of Mavis' favorite places. She isn't afraid of the water or boats at all. Everyday she wanted Grandaddy to take her out for a spin. He couldn't resist her coming up with arms raised saying, " DaDaDi...boat ride?" We would suit her up in her life vest and hit the lake. I think she would jump in and swim with the beavers in a heart beat! Enjoy!

Fountain fun!

This weekend Aunt Liv and (soon-to-be) Uncle Tommy came to visit! They were wrapping up wedding details and we were able to squeeze in some fun too! Here we are at Suwanee Town Center, one of Mavis' favorite places! check out our little lady having fun in the sun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Our great friend Andy is a photographer. He and his wife were over for dinner the other night and he snapped a few shots of her getting ready for bed. Thanks Andy for giving us beautiful memories of our beautiful little lady.

Summertime Fun!

Aunt Liv was able to snap a few shots of all of us together. It's rare to get us all still and smiling, but we were able to snap a few. Check out Honey...she is so big. Her and Mavis are best buds. They play and chase each other. Honey has no problem letting Mavis do whatever she wants, which is wonderful! We never have to worry about Honey being rough with her. She is definitely a sweet MamaPup. Mavis loves to call her right when she wakes up. She yells, "Noney, Noney" as we head downstairs for breakfast. Enjoy pics of our little fam! Check out Mavis' boyfriend-Miles. They are already in love!!


We have been having a blast this Spring at ZooAtlanta. Jake and I bought a year pass to the zoo and I think it may be Mave's favortie place. She has always loved animals and never been afraid of them at all. Here are some pics of her enjoying another trip with Mommy and Daddy!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back in the saddle again!

Sorry friends and family. Spring always brings busyness to the Sumner home. I finally had a chance to sit down and upload some pictures. I promise to be better! I hear the angry mob:) First, the family and I went to Wilmington over spring break. Here are a few pics of us having fun at the beach and Jungle Rapids. We went to visit Aunt Liv and Mavis' future Uncle Tommy. She calls him "Uncle" for short:) Little Mave is growing up so fast. She is talking up a storm. We can actually have phone conversations now. I can't believe it! I will post some more Mavis happenings in the blogs to come! enjoy the pics! we certainly enjoyed the trip!