Monday, July 14, 2008

Musician in the making

Mavis loves play the piano! Here are some pics of a fun time we had the other morning. She loves to sit and meticulously pick out each note with her index finger. We hope she only continues to love to play music!

Baby Girl is growing up!

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in blogs...things have been hectic. Here are some pics of Mavis and all she has been doing this summer. Time if flying by. She is going to be 11months old tomorrow and her first birthday will be here before we know it! She is doing so many fun things now. Lately she is doing all kinds of new "tricks!" These include...saying "touchdown!" with her hands raised high (in honor of Uncle Joe), giving hugs and kisses to all her baby dolls, clapping, playing patty-cake, giving high fives, and getting ready to walk. We don't have a first step yet, but we are looking for it any day now. No telling what life will be like then!! Enjoy these new photos of our girl!
The first slide show is Mavis' first trip to the beach. She loved playing in the sand. We are with some long time family friends. Jake and I used to babysit the young girl, Madison, in these pictures when she was Mavis' age. The second is another trip to the beach with Miles...Mavis' boyfriend. He's a hunk!!