Monday, December 8, 2008

How did she know?!?

So, here's a funny story about Miss Mavis. Tonight Jake and I were finishing some Christmas shopping at the mall. It was time to wrap things up for the evening and we decided to head to the Krispy Kreme Donuts shop before going home because it is on the way...and because KK donuts are to die for! Wouldn't you know, the "hot donut now" sign was on (thank you Jesus!) so we decided to take Mavis in to see the donuts roll off the conveyor belt. A Christmas miracle in and of itself:) The minute we walk in Mavis gasps and let's out an emphatic "Ooh!" Then she immediately points to the donut case and does the sign for "please" as fast as her little hands will go. Now, keep in mind that she has never tasted, seen, nor been aware that donuts even exist, much less put a hot Krispy Kreme in her mouth. She knew without any prompting that Krispy Kreme's were delicious and she needed one, pronto! It was hilarious! She was licking her chops the minute we started looking in the donut case. As soon as those donuts were in our possession she had to have one. We let her try a little, she took one bite and then shoved the entire quarter of a donut in her mouth at once. We must be doing something right, our girl knows what's good in this world:) So I ask did she know?!?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck the Halls!

The house is decorated for Christmas ...well, two of four trees are up:) Here are pics of our home during the holidays.

Winter Time

Mavis and I love our time together! Here are some pics of us playing outside. The cold weather feels so good right now and she loves being out there. Mostly she loves handing me all the leaves on the ground:) Enjoy this pics. Stay tuned for Christmas pictures!

snack time

Here are some updated pics of our girl. We have had an eventful holiday season so far. These are a few pics taken from snack time just before Thanksgiving. She is growing up, but getting smaller! We went to the doctor this week and the child still only weighs 21 lbs.-which is what she weighed when she was 10mos. old! She is getting stronger, smarter, and taller...but smaller! I guess that's what happens when you are walking all over. I am so sad to see those baby rolls go, but so excited to see her grow up! She is so funny. Her new thing is to say "uh oh spaghetti-o." It kinda comes out "uh oh gat do" but it's adorable anyway. Enjoy.