Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mavis' First Christmas

Well, Mavis is four months old and just had her first Christmas! I was wonderful! She loved opening presents, or at least touching the bright red paper(her favorite color)! She got lots of toys and practically a new wardrobe!
This Christmas finds us all well and blessed beyond belief. Jake and the rest of the staff have a few weeks off of all our midweek activities, which is always nice. We were able to enjoy some quality family time with each other and extended family! Also, we had a great Christmas surprise. Our first neice was born on Dec. 12th! She is beautiful and Mavis is enjoying her! I know Mavis will show her the ropes soon! next Christmas should be much different with two toddlers running around!
Here are some pics of Mavis this Christmas. She gave big smiles for Santa, warming him up to bring her all kinds of goodies! And of course, she wouldn't be seen without her Christmas finery on! Enjoy and more updates are coming soon!